Occupy Pittsburgh Announces Plan to Rebuild

Pittsburgh, PA—(ENEWSPF)—December 1, 2011.  Occupy Pittsburgh has emerged as one of the most peaceful and productive occupations in the U.S.  Visitors from occupied spaces across the country have come to experience a functional, intentional community. 

To continue as a model of stability developed through creative, forward thinking, Occupy Pittsburgh 2.0 is a call for a reconstruction of the Occupy Pittsburgh encampment.  It is a chance to upgrade our physical infrastructure, re-distribute space more equitably and efficiently, and make the encampment more inviting.   

On Sunday, December 4th from 12-4pm we will gather create an occupation site plan based on concise principles to cultivate an inclusive, participatory encampment. 

The rebirth of Occupy Pittsburgh’s site will take place on Sunday, December 11th.  An all-day program from 10am until 10pm will present an opportunity for all of Occupy Pittsburgh’s supporters to take ownership of the movement by having a hand in the encampment’s reconstruction.  We will begin by dismantling, clearing and cleaning much of the space.  Building Occupy Pittsburgh 2.0 will ensure our ability to make it through the cold winter, and will include the erection of yurts and winterized tents.  At the end of the day we’ll conclude with a feast, a party and a spiritual ceremony celebrating renewal.

About Occupy Pittsburgh

Known in New York City as Occupy Wall Street, the Occupy Movement has spread across the United States and overseas.  Occupy Pittsburgh has been developed by residents of Western Pennsylvania in harmony and solidarity with the 99%.

Banding together under this theme are people from all age groups and most levels of society who have one thing in common: the desire for a future free of the corporate greed, corruption and undue political influence which has destroyed the American economy and devastated our democracy.  We will no longer stand by and watch the poor and the middle class continue to struggle while the super- rich continue to thrive.