Occupy Pittsburgh: 1, Bank: 0

BNY Mellon capitulates to Occupation

Pittsburgh, PA—(ENEWSPF)—October 15, 2011.  At about 5:30 pm today, Pittsburgh police announced to occupiers at Mellon Green that the banking giant would not contest Occupy Pittsburgh’s presence in the Green. Police said that this will remain the case indefinitely, as long as the movement remains peaceful and the property is maintained by the occupiers.

Earlier in the day, about 4000 people marched through the streets of Pittsburgh from Freedom Corner in the Hill district to Market Square, where a kickoff rally for the occupation was held. Prior to leaving Freedom Corner, the group’s Statement of Nonviolence was read to the crowd, which enthusiastically endorsed it by waving hands in the air and cheering. There were no incidents of violence, property damage or any activity which required police intervention, according to both the police and Occupy Pittsburgh organizers. After the permitted event, about 1000 people marched on the sidewalk from Market Square to the occupation site, arriving around 3:30.

BNY Mellon was put on alert by Occupy Pittsburgh last Wednesday evening that the group planned to occupy Mellon Green at the corner of Grant St. and Sixth Avenue, which is used freely by the public as a park, but is owned by the banking giant. It was pointed out by Occupy Pittsburgh that under the Golden Triangle Ordinance, the park is deemed Urban Open Space, and that the ordinance required it to be used by the public “without restriction.” BNY Mellon has chosen not to contest that.

The occupation will remain in effect indefinitely.

Occupation of Pittsburgh
Mellon Green, Grant St. & Sixth Ave.
Next to BNY Mellon Tower
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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About OccupyPittsburgh

Known in New York City as OccupyWallStreet, there are now more than 1000 cities in the US and overseas where some sort of occupation-style movement has begun. OccupyPittsburgh has been developed by residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania in harmony and solidarity with the 99% Occupy movement.

Banding together under this theme are people from all age groups and most levels of society who have one thing in common: the desire for a future free of the corporate greed, corruption and undue political influence which has destroyed the economy and made the poor and the middle class poorer while the super-rich continue to thrive.