Occupy Boston: Students Call for Walkout

Boston, MA–(ENEWSPF)–October 26, 2011—The Occupy Boston Students Working Group has called for a city-wide walkout, rally, and march on Monday, October 31.  Each campus will organize to walk out of class in time to all convene at the gazebo in Boston Commons at 1 pm.  The rally in the Commons will be followed by a march to the Occupy Boston site at Dewey Square.

The walkout was called in solidarity with the wider Occupy Boston movement and specifically to highlight student’s main concerns: Fair and affordable higher education, student loans, and the corporatization of universities. These issues are at the forefront of the student’s agenda, since students are not unaffected by the wider issues highlighted at Occupy Boston, such as inequality, unemployment, and financial corruption.

To add a unique twist on the event and in celebration of Halloween, the students have decided to dress as zombie bankers.  This is a
playful, but powerful, visual that will undoubtedly draw attention while also demonstrating how many participants feel about the United States’s economic outlook.


Occupy Boston is the beginning of an ongoing discussion about reforming Wall Street and removing special interests from government. Its continuing occupation of Dewey Square—outside South Station in the heart of Boston’s Financial District—is just one of more than 120 separate Occupy encampments in cities across the nation and a symbol for “occupiers” everywhere who support real and lasting change.