Occupy Boston Stands in Solidarity With Occupy the Hood

BOSTON–(ENEWSPF)–October 21, 2011.  The following proposal was consented to by Occupy Boston’s General Assembly on Thursday, October 20:

Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with the Occupy the Hood rally taking place at 6pm on October 21 in Dudley Square Plaza. Occupy Boston will activate our solidarity by sending volunteers to appropriately assist and support the initiative with excitement, RESPECT, and HUMILITY. We hope to see Occupy the Hood grow into an inclusive and democratic step towards unifying ALL the 99%. We recognize that our support for initiatives like this one is part of a process of listening to, learning from, and deepening our connections to many more local community organizations.

Direct Action is organizing groups to go from Dewey Square to Dudley Square at 5pm on Friday, October 21.