New Bottom Line Stands in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Calls on 99% to build movement on November 17

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–November 15, 2011.  At 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the New York Police Department raided Zucotti Park, forcing out the hundreds protesters who for nearly two months had demonstrated their opposition to the one percent while fighting for the ideals of a government and an economy that serve the 99 percent.

“The big banks and the one percent have turned our economy and democracy upside down.  The one percent has rigged the system to amass power and wealth for a few, while millions of people have been bankrupted and communities across the country have been devastated,” says George Goehl, executive director of National People’s Action, a New Bottom Line organizational member. “The New Bottom Line is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in fighting to restore our democracy and to establish a new bottom line – an economy that works for all.”

“To have an economy that works for the 99 percent, we need a government that fights for the 99 percent.  Too many of our politicians are serving the one percent by protecting banks and corporations. Mayor Bloomberg is a shining example.  But now, the 99% have created a groundswell demanding change,” says LeeAnn Hall, executive director of the Alliance for a Just Society, an organizational member of The New Bottom Line.

As Occupy Wall Street wrote this a.m., in the wake of the raid,  “This moment is nothing short of America rediscovering the strength we hold when we come together as citizens to take action to address crises that impact us all.”  

New York and similar raids in Oakland, CA and other cities are evidence of our government officials siding with corporations in their attempt to shut down the 99%. We echo Occupy Wall Street in saying, “You can’t evict an idea whose time has come.

The New Bottom Line supports and calls for people to join the fight on November 17 ( in cities across the country to hold the one percent and the big banks accountable.  This is our moment. The 99% won’t be stopped.


The New Bottom Line is a new and growing movement fueled by a coalition of community organizations, congregations, and individuals working together to challenge established big bank interests on behalf of struggling and middle-class communities. Together, we are working to restructure Wall Street to help American families build wealth, close the country’s growing income gap and advance a vision for how our economy can better serve the many rather than the few. Coalition members include PICO National Network, National People’s Action (NPA), Alliance for a Just Society, and dozens of state and local organizations from around the country.