NATO Aircraft Destroys Tanks in the Area of Zintan

Naples–(ENEWSPF)–12 April 2011.  NATO aircraft destroyed four tanks in the vicinity of Zintan. One main battle tank was destroyed and three were damaged to the point that they were inoperable. A separate strike also destroyed an ammunition storage site South West of Sirte.

“One of the strikes last night focused on an ammunition bunker,” said Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, Commander of Operation Unified Protector. “We will continue to strike at the Regime’s supplies and supply lines and reduce their ability to fight.”

“We’re keeping pressure on to stop the violence,” said Bouchard. “This supports the aim of reducing the Regime’s ability to harm their own people.” NATO Operation Unified Protector is mandated under the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 to help protect the Libyan people from attack using any means necessary.