March from Occupy Wall Street Arrives in Washington DC Today

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–Nov. 22, 2011, 12:18 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Exposes Failure of Undemocratic Super-Committee Attempt to Squeeze the 99%

Super Committee Fail = Occupy Wall Street Win

Today an Occupy Wall Street initiative called ‘Occupy the Highway’ arrives in Washington DC, having marched from New York City. Two weeks ago, Occupy Wall Street participants in Manhattan embarked on the epic journey. Their goals were to make the new movement visible in more communities, to connect with other occupations along the way, and to further a national dialogue about how to reclaim our democracy.

Their journey was timed to coincide with the announcement of the so-called Super Committee; to bring a message to Congress to end corporate welfare and tax breaks for the rich and to stimulate the economy by rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and investing in education, clean-energy and public health; items that are supported by the vast majority of Americans in poll after poll.

“The so-called Super Committee was a failure from the beginning. It was an attempt to do something undemocratic. Thankfully it didn’t work,” said Michael Glazer, an organizer of Occupy the Highway. “No one has the courage to stand up inside our corrupt political system and fight for regular Americans. So, we will continue to take a stand outside the system.”

‘Occupy the Highway’ participants expect to arrive at McPherson Square at around 2:30pm today, where they will hold a General Assembly-style press conference. From there they will march to Freedom Plaza, and from there to the Capitol steps, where they will discuss the failure of the U.S. Government to be accountable to its people.

“Wall Street owns Washington. Our government is not representing the interests of the people,” said Ed Needham, a volunteer with Occupy Wall Street. “Congress is defending the big banks, big corporations and super-rich. This is why the Occupy Movement grows each day.”

Schedule today:

  1. Last Leg of ‘Occupy the Highway’ March, meet at Rhode Island Ave Metro at 12:30pm. There is shelter from the rain while folks gather, and parking for those who would drive in.
  2. Press Conference at 2:30pm at Occupy DC, McPherson Square (15th and K NW) Brief General Assembly at noon, followed by a press conference.
  3. March continues to the Capitol, where they will set up a temporary occupation on the national mall across from the reflecting pool. On the way to the Capitol, they will stop briefly along the way for a rally of sorts at the other occupation at Freedom Plaza (13th and Pennsylvania Ave NW). 7pm General Assembly to talk about the issues.

Click here for more information about Occupy the Highway.