House Passes Dangerous Abortion Legislation

Bill Authorizes Hospitals to Abandons Women in Need of Emergency Care, Says ACLU

WASHINGTON–(ENEWSPF)–October 13, 2011.  The House of Representatives today passed the Protect Life Act, a bill that allows hospitals to refuse appropriate care to pregnant women experiencing life-threatening complications without further regard for their health or well-being. The bill would also effectively ban insurance coverage of abortion in the new health care system and pave the way for states to allow insurers to refuse to cover important services that the Department of Health and Human Services has deemed necessary, such as contraception.
The Obama administration issued a veto threat for the Protect Act Life on Wednesday.
“Today’s vote marks an appalling disregard for women’s health,” said Sarah Lipton-Lubet, ACLU policy counsel. “Congress simply has no place telling medical institutions that they are free to endanger the life of a woman in need of emergency care. No woman should have to worry that she will not receive the care she needs at the hospital. The Senate should stop this dangerous bill in its tracks.”