Hillary for America Releases ’44 Boys Is Too Many’ Video

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–December 1, 2015.  Hillary for America released a new video, “44 Boys Is Too Many,” featuring young girls reading letters they wrote to Hillary Clinton or discussing drawings they made about Clinton and why they support her campaign. The girls consistently highlighted how significant and meaningful it would be to them to elect the first woman President. The video was previewed last night at an endorsement event and fundraiser with 13 women Democratic Senators.

“As First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made significant strides to empower women and girls in this country and throughout the world. She continues to be driven by the idea that every little girl has the potential to be anything she wants to be and Clinton herself is a living testament to that idea. With the right support, resources, and encouragement, little girls can live up to their full God-given potential. They can even be president of the United States. The conversations in this video are a powerful reminder of that,” said Deputy Communications Director Kristina Schake.