DC Occupations Unite to Challenge the Deficit Commission

Occupiers Will Protest the Chamber of Commerce This Afternoon

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–October 26, 2011.  The two DC occupations at Freedom Plaza and K Street united today to challenge the Joint Select Committee on DeficitReduction.

“This commission is an example of what is wrong with the country.  Rather than the normal constitutional structure dealing with the urgent needs of the American people for jobs, increased income and a fair economy, the Congress and President create a commission that operates outside the normal constitutional structure to undermine the economy with a misplaced focus on the deficit,” said Kevin Zeese an organizer of the Freedom Plaza protest.

The protesters are marching up Pennsylvania Ave to the Senate Hart Building and will enter the building to protest in the hallway.

“We will make sure the senate knows that the 99% Movement wants a focus on the peoples necessities, not the bankers and financiers desires to reduce the deficit. The economy needs to be re-started with a major jobs program, not undermined by cutting the social safety net that Americans depend on,” said Dr. Margaret Flowers, an organizer of the Freedom Plaza occupation.

At 12:30 members of the two occupations will protest at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — which the occupiers call the “lead corporate bully” — with a focus on the military-industrial complex and the need to dramatically cut spending on weapons and war.  Earlier in the week the Chamber was shut down by the Occupy Movement for the second time for its advocacy of more foreclosures. “At a time when the economy is suffering the after effects of the housing bubble bursting, it is time for the government to stop foreclosures, require mortgages reflect the real value of homes — not the housing bubble values and make sure that the collapsing housing market stops dragging down the economy,” said Zeese.  The Chamber was also shut down on the first day of the Freedom Plaza occupation, October 6, in a jobs protest.

Here is video of the closure of the Chamber of Commerce in the housing protest this Monday, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Closed by Freedom Plaza Occupation and video of the jobs protest on October 6, March on Chamber of Commerce and K Street for Jobs.