Armed Man Charged by Asheville Regional Airport Police as President Obama Leaves North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina—(ENEWSPF)—April 25, 2010.  After Air Force One departed the Asheville Regional Airport in Asheville NC, Airport Police observed an unknown white male later identified as Joseph S. McVey of Coshocton, OH, as he pulled into a parking space in the Rental Car Return Lot. Mr. McVey was driving a maroon Pontiac Grand Prix with Ohio plates. The vehicle was equipped with clear LED law enforcement style lights in the front and rear dash. This vehicle was unknown to the law enforcement officers present. The vehicle had a mounted digital camera in the front window, and four large antennas on the trunk lid.

Mr. McVey exited and walked to the back of his vehicle, and appeared to be listening to a handheld scanner/radio which was attached to a remote earpiece. Officer Kaleb Rice with the Asheville Regional Airport Police noticed that he was wearing a sidearm. Officer Rice as well as Secret Service agents approached Mr. McVey and asked for his identification. He gave officers an Ohio Drivers License. An attempt was made to verify the driver’s license number. A computer inquiry failed to show the license number was valid. Officer Rice asked him what he was doing and he stated that he heard the President was in town. He stated that he wanted to see the President. Officer Rice removed Mr. McVey’s firearm and detained the subject. After further investigation, Mr. McVey was placed under arrest by Airport Police and charged with Going Armed to the Terror of the Public.

The Investigation determined that Mr. McVey was in possession of a police scanner and was monitoring some local agencies when he arrived. Under the steering wheel was a siren box that was in working order and a note with rifle scope formulas in the cup holder.

The investigation is continuing.