About NPR, Soundprint, WDAV, and Lisa Simeone

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–October 21, 2011.  Lisa Simeone learned about her “ethical” lapse from NPR’s public blog post, or rather from reporters calling her about it. 

Lisa was soon thereafter fired by Soundprint, which cited NPR’s “ethics” rules and according to Lisa would have been strongly influenced by NPR’s post and email if they saw them (she doesn’t know if they did).

There is no evidence whatsoever that NPR contacted Soundprint.

NPR’s email and blog post said “We’re in conversations with WDAV about how they intend to handle this. We of course take this issue very seriously.” (The issue of participating in a democratic society and not backing a corporate agenda like bigshot NPR hosts who opinionate on Fox, in op-eds, and at big business speaking events for big bucks.)

Lisa was told to be on a phone call with NPR and WDAV yesterday morning, but NPR and WDAV canceled the call without telling her, as she waited by the phone.

NPR’s Anna Christopher Bross tells me that NPR spoke with WDAV about how to handle Simeone.  She says they went through many possible scenarios, and that NPR has been completely transparent.  I asked her what any of the scenarios were, and she refused to say.  I asked if one of them was the only one anyone has discussed, namely firing Simeone, and she wouldn’t say.  But the announcement by WDAV was “Ms. Simeone remains the host of World of Opera.”  The decision was not to fire her.

Clearly the worst actor here is Soundprint.

We do not know exactly what NPR has done, and I should not have claimed that I did.  I know Lisa’s suspicions and I know my own.  But we do know that NPR has a blatant double standard and views participation in representative government as a serious ethical lapse by certain people, although not others.