Illinois COVID-19 novel coronavirus

Life and Death: COVID-19 Statistics Show Local Vaccination Rates Abysmal

Illinois and the Novel Coronavirus. (ENEWSPF) Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A little over a month since our last tally, COVID-19 statistics show a marked increase in the number of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) cases in the region without a commensurate increase in the number of deaths. Park Foresters lag behind residents of other[Read More…]

Shark fossil

UChicago Study of Ancient Fossil Complicates the Shark Family Tree

Prof. Michael Coates leads research on new evolutionary branches of sharks CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—January 12, 2018 By: Matt Wood About 385 million years ago in the Devonian age, a strange, two-and-a-half-foot-long shark died and drifted to the bottom of the sea, over what is now the Rhine River valley. Gladbachus adentatus, named[Read More…]

UChicago research

UChicago Physicist Lauds Nobel Winners Who Led Efforts to Detect Gravitational Waves

LIGO collaborator Daniel Holz credits trio for scientific leadership CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—October 3, 2017 By: Steve Koppes and Louise Lerner The University of Chicago’s Daniel Holz this morning saluted the three newest Nobel laureates in physics, with whom he worked as a member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. The Nobel Foundation[Read More…]

June 2017 photo Perseverance Valley

From Mars Rover: Panorama Above ‘Perseverance Valley’

Pasadena, CA-(ENEWSPF)- NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity recorded a panoramic view  of Perseverance Valley before entering the upper end of a fluid-carved valley that descends the inner slope of a large crater’s rim. The scene includes a broad notch in the crest of the crater’s rim, which may have been[Read More…]

Mars taken from the Hubble

Hubble Takes Mars Portrait Near Close Approach

Baltimore, MD-(ENEWSPF)- On May 12, 2016, astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured this striking image of Mars, when the planet was 50 million miles from Earth. The photo reveals details as small as 20 miles to 30 miles across. This observation was made just a few days before Mars[Read More…]

Time-lapse Video: The Assembly of the James Webb Space Telescope Primary Mirror NASA-(ENEWSPF)- This time-lapse shows the assembly of the primary mirror of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Assembly was completed on February 3, 2016. JWST is the scientific successor to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. It will be the most powerful space telescope ever built. Webb will study many phases in[Read More…]

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