Clausen Turns It On to Give Notre Dame 37-30 OT Win

Commentary By an Angry Domer This one was exciting enough to keep my Mom glued to the television set watching football for the first time ever, according to my Dad.  So, I’m pleased to offer Charlie Weis kudos for today’s win after bashing him because of the loss to Michigan. Face it,[Read More…]

Invading Black Holes Explain Cosmic Flashes

Leeds, UK–(ENEWSPF)– Black holes are invading stars, providing a radical explanation to bright flashes in the universe that are one of the biggest mysteries in astronomy today. The flashes, known as gamma ray bursts, are beams of high energy radiation – similar to the radiation emitted by explosions of nuclear[Read More…]

Summer and Fall at Prairie State College

Final 2023 Mayoral Forum with Joe Woods

Final Village Trustee Forum – March 19, 2023