Palin, the Press, and Her No Más Moment

Commentary by Eric Boehlert Like frustrated welterweight Roberto Duran, who stunned the sporting world by walking away, mid-bout, from his 1980 prize fight against Sugar Ray Leonard with the memorable, muttered Spanish phrase for “no more,” Sarah Palin’s decision last week to walk away, mid-term, from her governorship stunned Beltway[Read More…]

Putting Sikhs to the ‘Cruel Choice’

Commentary Inside the First Amendment By Charles C. Haynes First Amendment Center senior scholar Unless Army officials act quickly, Capt. Kamaljit Singh Kalsi and 2nd Lt. Tejdeep Singh Rattan will soon be compelled to choose between obedience to God and service to country. The two officers wore turbans and beards[Read More…]


Dog Parks are for Dogs Who Like Other Dogs

A patron of the Park Forest Bark District running with a visitor’s sandal. (Photo: ENEWSPF) Commentary Saturday was a special day for dogs and the people the dogs walk. Thanks to years of work by the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board, a grassroots petition drive from dog lovers Pam Moore[Read More…]

State Rep. Greg Harris

On the Budget Failure in Springfield

Commentary By State Rep. Greg Harris (D – 13th District) As you know, the General Assembly did not pass a budget with sufficient revenue increases to fully fund many vital state services. As of this writing, Illinois joins California and a handful of other states not having an operating budget[Read More…]

Connie Woolfolk laugning

Focus On The Love, Not The Protests

Commentary By Gary Kopycinski I was horrified to learn this morning that representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to protest the funerals of Connie Woolfolk and Sarah Szafranski tomorrow. Connie and Sarah are two of five women murdered at the Lane Bryant Clothing Store Saturday morning in Tinley Park.[Read More…]

On the Passing of Frank Wessely

Commentary Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— I was a bit late announcing our new issue of eNews Park Forest today.  Early this morning I received a phone call from Mrs. Lynn Wessely, wife of Park Forest resident Frank Wessely, saying that she was at the hospital with Frank.  Unable to wake him[Read More…]

Final 2023 Mayoral Forum with Joe Woods

Final Village Trustee Forum – March 19, 2023