To Improve the Lives of At-Risk Children and Families, Expand Access to Home Visiting Services Through Medicaid, New Center for American Progress Report Proposes

Creating a new Medicaid benefit for evidence-based home visiting services would simplify funding and allow states and communities to scale services, improve outcomes for families, and produce significant savings for states and the federal government. Washington, D.C. —(ENEWSPF)–November 12, 2015.  A new report from the Center for American Progress puts[Read More…]

Ignoring Police Report, Carlson of FOX News Advanced False Claim That ACORN Employee Killed Husband

News Analysis Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)– Referring to a San Bernardino, California, ACORN employee whose claim that she killed her husband was recorded by actors posing as a prostitute and pimp, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson asked, "She killed somebody?" adding, "Despite this, some lawmakers want to keep funding the group."[Read More…]

Afghanistan – Where Empires Go to Die

News Analysis By Dahr Jamail t r u t h o u t | News Analysis On September 7 the Swedish aid agency Swedish Committee for Afghanistan reported that the previous week US soldiers raided one of its hospitals. According to the director of the aid agency, Anders Fange, troops stormed through both[Read More…]

Beck Denigrates Yom Kippur

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)– Today, in response to conservative host Glenn Beck encouraging his listeners to make Yom Kippur "a day of Fast and Prayer for the Republic," Media Matters for America issued the following statement: "Yom Kippur is a day of atonement, prayer and fasting," Ari Rabin-Havt of Media Matters said.[Read More…]

WWF Response to President Obama’s Speech Before United Nations

WASHINGTON, DC–(ENEWSPF)–September 22, 2009 – World Wildlife Fund issued the following statement today from Keya Chatterjee, acting director of WWF’s climate program: “We welcome the clear statement from President Obama about the urgency of climate change and the promise that the US will do its part, by providing funding for[Read More…]

Palin’s Comment on U.S.-China Relations is Flat Wrong

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–September 24, 2009.   In response to a speech by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in Hong Kong, Congressman Howard L. Berman (D-CA), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today issued the following statement: “In remarks before business leaders in Hong Kong, former Governor Palin urged China to[Read More…]

Kerry On Appointment of Paul Kirk to Fill Kennedy Seat

BOSTON–(ENEWSPF)–September 24, 2009.  Senator John Kerry today spoke at a press conference in which Governor Deval Patrick appointed Paul Kirk to temporarily fill Senator Kennedy’s seat. Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery. “Governor Patrick, I think we all agree that the mark of a good Chief Executive isn’t[Read More…]

Final 2023 Mayoral Forum with Joe Woods

Final Village Trustee Forum – March 19, 2023