Investigative Reports

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Advocacy Groups Tout Product Hazards Database to Give Consumers a Fair Warning

By Brian Joseph In the years since the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission launched in March 2011, more than 29,000 reports of potentially dangerous products and product hazards have been filed with the searchable database. Now, five leading consumer groups, have analyzed the data collected on the site,[Read More…]

Prescription drug costs

Swarms of Drug Industry Lobbyists and Campaign Cash Stymie Bid to Restrain Medicare Prescription Costs

By Stuart Silverstein FairWarning When the Republican-controlled Congress approved a landmark program in 2003 to help seniors buy prescription drugs, it slapped on an unusual restriction: The federal government was barred from negotiating cheaper prices for those medicines. Instead, the job of holding down costs was outsourced to the insurance[Read More…]