Author: Walter Falk

When The Bulb Breaks – CFLs and Mercury

Commentary The Green Beat By Walter Falk The concern with global warming has led to an increased focus on improving the efficiency of all our household appliances, thus reducing the carbon footprint. New refrigerators, furnaces, air conditioners and the like are in many cases more than twice as efficient as[Read More…]

Obama versus Clinton

I have been wavering for weeks about the decision of whether to vote for Obama or Clinton in the upcoming Super Tuesday primary February 5th. Two developments have moved me decisively into the Obama camp: the now near-certainty that McCain will be the Republican nominee and the way the Democratic[Read More…]

Does global warming call for a World War II style effort?

Does global warming call for a World War II style effort? Written by Walter Falk 1-15-08 Lester Brown says that we can achieve that goal.  Brown, whom Time magazine calls “one of the U.S.’s most respected environmentalists”, summarized his views in a January 4, 2008 podcast by the magazine.  Brown[Read More…]

A Chinese neighborhood of 30,000 off the grid!

China is currently engaged in the greatest construction binge in world history.  The Chinese are adding one new coal-fired power station per week, 44 million high rise apartment units per year, and are adding 4-5 million new cars to the road every year with endless super-highways to match.  If present[Read More…]