Author: Gene Policinski


What Words Make Up a ‘True Threat?’ Well, That Depends

CommentaryBy Gene Policinski Note: This column includes language that may offend, quoted as part of musical lyrics. First Amendment Center-(ENEWSPF)- As the COVID-19 crisis stretches on, we’re seeing more conflict, more protests and particularly more online rancor in the debate over how — and if — public officials should “open up”[Read More…]

A leaking bucket.

Sessions’s Leak Warning To Journalists Misguided, Misplaced

Commentary By Gene Policinski (ENEWSPF)- A threat from the Trump administration, apparently aimed at journalists as part of a larger campaign to prevent widespread government “leaks” that have enraged the president, is the wrong message delivered by the wrong messenger. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, only a few days removed from[Read More…]

At Long Last, The Stuff Of Journalism

Commentary By Gene Policinski The resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. White House internal disputes that stall policy decisions. Even a mini-crisis involving North Korea. At long last: the stuff of journalism. After seeming eons of the squishiness of reporting on campaign claims and counter-claims, email investigations that went[Read More…]