Nov. 4 National Protests Are Under Attack by the Alt-Right, Lies, Threats of Violence, Denial of Permits


  1. I hope my fellow fascists aren’t dumb enough to get involved. ANTIFA is a cowardly bunch, all we have to do is wait for the intersectional coalition to eat itself alive lol. I’m going to be watching the various live streams of the crazy cat ladies marching around in American Flag Hijabs and “Pussy Hats”.

  2. “This use of violence and threats of violence to suppress speech by thugs”

    So, you are admitting you are thugs ?

  3. This whinning article is BS! ANTIFAGS are the ones who said the civil war starts on Nov 4th and now your whinning because the “alt-right” and/or Trump supporters are going to destroy you? Your even more cowardly than I thought. Block a highway where I live and I will run you over!

  4. There is a screen shot of Antifa using maga hats, 3 perc, pro Trump apparel to label us the instigators and this whole story is a part of that also.

  5. These leftists have already been infiltrated and will be dealt with by law enforcement. Don’t give in to the left’s hatred.

    • agreed. A Lot of us are children or grand children of those who lived or died during that time. My great uncle was part of the AK resistance in poland he was a general of what they called the cursed or doomed soldiers. As my father (Sniper) and many uncles and aunts were in the military in ww2 . We won’t let that beast raise its head again. He taught all his kids to shoot. Never aim it unless you intend to use it.

  6. Bruh… we’ve already had people infiltrate Antifa. We’ve watched the enemy that is using propaganda to mobilize Antifa for longer than I’ve been alive. Get out of here with that shit; we know what Antifa is.

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