SEIU: Vice President Biden Stands Up for Middle Class

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Washington, DC--(ENEWSPF)--October 12, 2012.  After tonight's Vice Presidential debate, Mary Kay Henry, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), issued the following statement:

"Vice President Biden summed up the dangerous policies that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are trying to sell the American people in one word - Malarkey! The Vice President spoke for the middle class in tonight's debate. He told the American people the truth about what's at stake in this election and where each ticket stands on the issues important to working families. On jobs and healthcare, the Vice President outlined policies that will create economic growth and expand care for millions to millions of Americans.

"Paul Ryan, on the other hand, struggled. He and Mitt Romney seem to be rooting against America. Their policies would get in the way of job growth, prevent people from getting the healthcare they need and allow the rich and corporations to keep avoiding paying their fair share.

"Just like his running mate, Paul Ryan is out of touch with the middle class and working people. We cannot afford a Romney/Ryan economy that would take our country back to the failed policies that wrecked our economy in the first place."


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