FHFA Acting Director Defies President Obama & Congress, Indefinitely Postpones Decision on Fannie & Freddie Principal Reduction

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Time for President to Remove DeMarco, Nominate Permanent Agency Head Who Will Follow the Law 

Washington, DC—(ENEWSPF)—April 28, 2012.  Yesterday, FHFA Acting Director Ed DeMarco revealed a new level to his deep ideological opposition to doing principal write-downs. 

Despite clear evidence from DeMarco himself that doing principal reduction on loans owned by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac would save taxpayer money, FHFA announced today that they are indefinitely postponing its decision on whether to allow Fannie & Freddie to do principal reductions.  

Acting Director DeMarco is defying both the President and Congress, who have repeatedly requested a decision on this matter and who have been waiting for months for him to respond.  He is putting his own ideological opposition to principal reduction ahead of his mandate to save taxpayer money. 

The New Bottom Line and allies such as Rebuild The Dream and MoveOn have pressured President Obama to remove Ed DeMarco for months through a series of petition deliveries at OFA offices and the FHFA headquarters signed by tens of thousands of people, including Rebuild The Dream’s successful White House “We the People” petition that called on the President to fire DeMarco. 

President Obama must not tolerate such clear defiance and disregard for both taxpayers and homeowners.  It’s high time that he finally remove DeMarco and nominate a permanent head to the agency who will follow the law. 

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