Meet Jade Farley, Rich East Stellar Student

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Jade Farley
Rich East Stellar Student Jade Farley. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)- eNews Park Forest is pleased to return with our series of stellar students from Rich East High School. Mr. Kevin Kredens, the school's publicity liaison, provides each student a series of the same questions. All responses are in the students' exact words, except for minor editing for content and space when needed.

We are pleased to feature Jade Farley of the class of 2013, favorite classes AP Biology and British Literature. Jade has participated in Cross Country, G.S.A., Key Club, Business Professionals of America, and has received an Outstanding Student Award.

Ms. Farley will be attending the University of Maine in Orono where she plans to major in nursing.

Meet Jade Farley:

What town do you live in? I live in Matteson.

At Rich East all four years? If not, where else?  No. I have been at Rich East for three years. My freshman year, I attended Rich Central.

Activities/Athletics/Clubs participated in? Special awards? I have participated in Cross Country, G.S.A., Key Club, Business Professionals of America and have received an Outstanding Student Award.

GPA/Class Rank. My Grade Point Average is 3.489. My Class rank: 14th out of 213. I would still like to bring my GPA up a little.

Favorite classes and why.  My favorite classes are AP Biology and British Literature.

Favorite teachers and why.  My favorite teachers are Ms. (Lenore) Redina, Mr. (Sean) Coughlin, and Mr. (Robert) LaFrance because you can tell they care and take their roles as teachers seriously.

ACT: I received a 29 on the ACT.

Areas met or exceeded on PSAE (Prairie State Achievement Exam): I met and exceeded in all areas of the PSAE.

College choice? Major? I will be attending the University of Maine in Orono. I will major in nursing.

What are you listening to on your iPod these days? I’m listening to classic and alternative rock, with some screamo (punk influenced subgenre) and dubstep (electronic dance genre) throwin.

What is the last book you have read? The last book I have read was “Jane Eyre,” by Charlotte Brontë.

Favorite TV Shows? My favorite TV show now is: ”American Horror Story.”

Coffee or Tea, hot or cold? I drink coffee. Hot or cold.

Junk Foods? Pizza, Mickey D’s, Taco Bell? Other? I love Subway, Jimmy Johns, Taco Bell and Panda Express. Basically, I lust love food!

Places that you’d most like to visit? I would really like to visit Tokyo, Japan and Ireland.

Clubs, hobbies? I love to write fiction and poetry.

Where do you want to be in five years? In ten years?  In five years, I hope to be a registered nurse with a steady job. In ten years, I hope to own my own home and maybe be settled down with a family.

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