Unemployment is a National Emergency: Congressman Kucinich Calls For Jobs Program

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WASHINGTON--(ENEWSPF)--December 5 - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today called poverty and joblessness a national emergency. “It’s our choice. Increase taxes, cut spending, put the economy in a stall, or put millions back to work,” said Kucinich.

Congressman Kucinich is author of H.R. 2990, the National Emergency Employment Defense Act which would create millions of jobs maintaining the basic infrastructure on which Americans rely every day. The bill would allow the federal government to correct crippling national deficiencies in infrastructure maintenance and education nationwide by spending money into circulation without increasing the national debt or causing inflation. It would incorporate the Federal Reserve within the United States Treasury, establish fiscal integrity, and reassert Congressional sovereignty.

The full text of Congressman Kucinich’s remarks follow.

“Nearly 50 million Americans, and over 10 million children live in poverty; 46 million Americans are on food stamps. According to the Census Bureau, without Social Security over 50% of people 65 and older would live and die in poverty.

“Why do we accept poverty? Why do we accept massive unemployment? Over 20 million Americans are without work. You can’t escape poverty without a job. Americans want jobs not unemployment checks. If you don’t have a source of income, you can’t own a home.

“The middle class is disappearing. An unfair tax system is causing wealth to accelerate upwards, which is why I opposed the Bush tax cuts. But more tax increases and no massive jobs program are a prescription for disaster. We need more taxpayers, not more tax increases. You can’t rebuild America by retaxing America.

“Poverty and joblessness constitute a national emergency. The private sector is not creating sufficient jobs. Congress has the constitutional power to coin/create money. We can use our power to put millions back to work, rebuilding America’s infrastructure. HR 2990, the National Employment Emergency Act can accomplish this. It’s our choice. Increase taxes, cut spending, put the economy in a stall, or put millions back to work.”


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