Bradley Manning Supporters Prepare to March on Fort Meade

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Caravans Set to Arrive from Multiple "Occupy" Encampments

Washington, DC—(ENEWSPF)—December 15, 2011. Hundreds of supporters of accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning will demonstrate outside the gates of Fort Meade, Maryland, as his pre-trial hearings begin Friday, December 16. On Saturday, December 17, supporters will march and hold a noon rally along with busloads arriving from "Occupy" encampments from Wall Street and Washington, DC. 


Vigil 08:00 AM EST to 05:00 PM EST

Location:  Fort Meade Main Gate, Maryland 175 & Reece Rd, Fort Meade, MD 21113.

Supporters will maintain a presence outside the base while proceedings are being held. A bus from Occupy Wall Street is expected to arrive by early afternoon.


Rally and March 12:00 PM EST to 03:00 PM EST

Location:  Supporters will meet again at the Fort Meade Main Gate. After the rally, supporters will march one mile along MD 175 / Annapolis Road to Llewellyn Avenue.

Confirmed speakers include Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistle-blower; Lt. Dan Choi, gay veteran and activist; Col. Ann Wright, retired US Army Colonel and diplomat who has been active with the Freedom Plaza occupation in Washington, DC; John Penley, a Vietnam Veteran who is active with Occupy Wall Street; and Michael Patterson, an Iraq War conscientious objector who is active with Iraq Veterans Against the War and Occupy DC at McPherson Square. 

Over fifty demonstrations will take place around the world on December 17 as part of an international day of solidarity for Bradley Manning to mark his 24th birthday.


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