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NIH Announces $41.5 Million in Funding for the Human Placenta Project
Durbin, Speier Introduce Bill To Address Rising Number Of Poisonings In Children Due To Laundry Detergent Packets
Planned Parenthood on Report Showing Use of IUDs and Implants Increased Nearly Fivefold Over the Last Decade
New CDC Study Highlights Burden of Pneumonia Hospitalizations on U.S. Children
Nearly Half a Million Americans Suffered from Clostridium Difficile Infections in a Single Year
USDA Records Reveal Staffing Shortages Undermining Food Safety
Arkansas Passes First Abortion Restriction of 2015
Jury Selection, Opening Statements Made in Rare Federal Medical Marijuana Trial of the Kettle Falls Five
FDA Approves New Antibacterial Drug Avycaz
Increased Certification of Medical Marijuana Businesses in Washington State Ensure Quality and Safety for Patients

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